I choose YOU!

I always ask myself this question… should i give you or us a chance?
before I would say YES! in a heartbeat.. but now the answer seems unclear.

Feelings are still intact, but not sure if my heart can still bear the hurt it went through.
Yes! I’ve decided to move forward.
Live life again, now with an open heart and a loving soul.

I have closed the door but left a window open.
We don’t know what the future has instore for us.
We just need to live in the present and remember the past as a lesson for both of us.

Loving you was never easy, you loving me was uncertain.
What is certain is that, we both know it could have been better if we faced our fears.

Tears may fall in our eyes but I know we never meant to hurt each other. We just had bad choices on how we showed our feelings for each other.
But you know what?
The best choice I’ve made beyond what happened between us… is loving you wholeheartedly.

I may not be the perfect fit for you, but if we just took the chance,
I would have shown and proved to you how much I love you.
No regrets, just beautiful memories of you in my heart that I will always keep.


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