This is Me.

it’s the little and simple things in life that make it worthwhile. laughing keeps me going. sunshine makes me happy. sunsets and long walks calms me. i get restless. i want to see and experience the world. when i’m scared i’ll give up on my dreams for the sake of others. i love art. i love books. i love to travel. i love home. i love singing. most days i love life. i thank God for everyday.  faith makes things possible, but it does not make them easy. when i laugh hard, i cry. i want to change the world in my own little way.

i love making lists. i don’t have regrets. i have fallen and fell in love. i found the person i want to spend my life with, i hope he has found me.  i appreciate memories. i believe in forever afters. i am homesick. i think too much…

and that’s who i am.


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