It’s not okay that you hurt me, but I am okay. I deserve more, and I know that now. And maybe you knew that inside, that you couldn’t give me that yet. So you set me free. We would’ve been so great, you would never have wished for more than I would’ve given you. But […]


it has been several days… yet i still feel numb. i’m not sure if it’s a good thing, instead of feeling anything at all. this numbness in me scares me. it’s like i’m shuttingdown from the world. is feeling all the sadness and hurt better than not feeling anything at all? i’m not even sure […]

Just something in between.

I used to think that I can’t live without you, ever since you walked into my life a lot has changed. But you know what I can, I did live. I just never imagined my life without you. When you kept your silence, didn’t tell me how you feel because you don’t want to feel […]

When I think of you.

When I think of you, I smile and I cry, knowing that i have been missing you for a while. Feeling silly and giddy with a hundred thousand butterflies took a lofty flight. Falling, tumbling through the air, with brilliant colors everywhere. Lisping, smiling, wisps of golden hair. Saying goodbye is the hardest, Choosing to […]

On A Different Light

Often times when we try to seek the truth or answers to the questions in our heads. During this time we tend to ignore our feelings and of the people we love. Most of the time, we unknowingly push them farther away from us, instead of pulling them in. When we care so much for […]

endings are new beginnings

Sometimes it takes a really big fall to know hiw strong we really are. Endings, may it be good or bad, it will always affect us. It is on how we cope and bounce back from it really matters. I’m not saying that you won’t feel sadness and hurt but it’s on how we accept […]